Latinas Lead CA Endorses Mayor Cathy Murillo for Re-election

September 22, 2021

California’s premier organization dedicated to increasing the number of Latinas in public office adds to the growing chorus of support lined up behind Murillo

Santa Barbara, CA – Today, Latinas Lead California announced their exclusive endorsement of Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo.  Latinas Lead is the first and only political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of Latinas in elected office and other prominent leadership positions.

“Mayor Murillo has a track record of delivering for our communities and advocating for the rights of women and people of color. She has been a pioneer of Latina representation in Santa Barbara, being the first Latina to serve as Mayor.” said Diana Rodriguez, President of Latinas Lead CA. “We are proud to stand with Cathy Murillo’s re-election campaign and look forward to her advocating for Latinos and people of all backgrounds in her second term.”

Mayor Murillo made history as the first Latina to serve on the City Council and as Mayor of Santa Barbara.  A champion for women in elected office, Mayor Murillo has also been credited for supporting and helping elevate women and women of color into Santa Barbara government.

“I am so proud to have the endorsement of Latinas Lead.  We share the same commitment to empowering women of color in politics, government service, business, and education. They have been an incredible network of support for so many Latinas and I deeply value their support,”  said Mayor Cathy Murillo.

Latinas Lead CA is the latest to join a broad range of organizations backing Mayor Murillo including the Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund, Sierra Club Los Padres Chapter, the Santa Barbara Democratic Party, the Central Coast Labor Council, and many more organizations as well as local elected and community leaders.

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